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Thread: How Do You Adjust the Aim of the Headlights?

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    Default How Do You Adjust the Aim of the Headlights?

    Has anyone had experience readjusting the aim of their headlights on the CRV? If so, what's the proper way to do it and to bring the headlights back to it's factory recommended aim?

    I have a 2005 LX and it looks like one side of the lights is pointing a little higher than the other.

    Hope you guys can help.

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    Your headlight beams (in North America) are supposed to look a bit like this:

    ______/ ______/

    In countries where the steering wheel is on the right side, the diagonal part is on the left side. Is that what you're asking about? They should be close to perfect from the factory, unless you're hauling big cargo. . . . Or been in a collision.

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    I used to own a 2000 Accord that allowed me to realign the headlights by using a screwdriver. There were guides next to the headlights to tell me if the alignment was accurate (they looked a lot like those yellow liquid capsules in levels you find in hardware stores). Obviously, since there aren't any indicators for the CRV, I wanted to know if I can still use the screwdriver method and when to know that the aim is accurate.

    Just for reference, I do drive a North American version of the CRV.

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    1. you are under warranty
    2. it is the old furom
    3. it is already set
    4 look in the owner's manual
    5. I do not own a 2005 but should be a few sections to look at
    one screw is reached behinf the bumper , and do you want to remove it?
    the other is directly on top looking down on it.
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    I also have an 05 EX V. the headlights aim like you say, with the right one slightly higher than the left.

    This has long been normal spec for US cars, b/c the left one is lower to keep from blinding oncoming traffic, the right one is higher to read the signs on the side of the road.

    Every vehicle I've had has been aimed this way.

    But, if you think it is way out of spec. Take it to the dealer if it's in warranty.
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    the owners manual. check it out!!!!!

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    Default lights

    My 98 CRV has those headlight guiding liquid level, there are two scres to adjust the aim, you should adjust them with a full tank of gas and somebody that is approximately your same weight sitting on the drivers seat. When the bubble hits the middle mark they are aimed correctly.
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