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Thread: Driver door will not open from inside help

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    Default Driver door will not open from inside help

    I have a honda crv 99, and the driver door will not open from the inside, i have took the panel off and still can not see what is wrong
    Any ideas!!!

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    had this happen before. usually, the metal bar that connects the handle to the latch has come unattached from a plastic stay clip somewhere along the way.
    i can't recall exactly, and i think once the clip was broken so i had to pick up a replacement at the dealer. search some of the sites with an exploded view (such as manchester honda) to give you some visual clues.

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    Thank you for your reply, is that what i ask for when i ring up the breakers? A plastic stay clip, as i think it could be that, but was unsure of what it is called, i will have another look😃

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    You need to find out what's wrong, first, since it could be a couple of different issues.

    Here's the diagram for the front door lock.

    #29 is the rod that connects the inside door handle to the locking mechanism.
    #17 is the plastic part that connects the inside door handle (#10) to that rod.

    The part over on the right side, with the three rods sticking up, is the actual latch mechanism.
    Where #29 connects to the latch might also be disconnected.

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    Thanks for all your help, i will let you know how i get on, fingers crossed

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    in a pinch you can always take off the passenger side door panel and compare what's working there to what isn't working on the driver's side.
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    'driver's door inside' or 'driver door inside' found several good threads in the SEARCH engine.

    Some have pictures too.

    Euro parts diagrams:


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    #15 in the diagram is what holds the rod to the door. It most certainly will cause problems if and when it breaks. I had it happen to me and the door opened perfectly fine after I installed a new one.
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    look at #15 and #17

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    Crappy photo, but it's all I have. I had this happen on my '00 when I took delivery; dealer offered to fix it but wanted a good $100 for their efforts. It's a $3-6 part at most, and popping the door trim panel off is pretty easy.

    Anyways. As others have said, you'll want that clip. It's plastic, has a square base, and pops into the hole I pointed at here with a red arrow. I suspect you'll take the trim panel off to find it's still attached to either the door or the rod, but the clips that retain it to the other portion have broken.

    And no; as of yet I've yet to find a generic clip at a major auto parts chain store that has it -- it's yet another little bit you'll need to source from Honda itself.

    Hope this helps...

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