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Thread: Hard/Loud Starting in Cold Weather

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    Default Hard/Loud Starting in Cold Weather

    The past 2 mornings my Pilot has started on the first try, but it is making an odd noise just prior to starting that sounds like the engine doesn't want to start. Kind of a clunking.

    It has finally gotten cold and snowed in the greater Chicagoland area.

    Has anyone seen this?
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    hmmm... interesting...

    I don't have an answer for you CochonChien, but just to let you know, I had my Pilot last winter when we had -50C temperatures (-56F - yes it WAS COLD! Imagine having a mug of hot water and throwing it up in the air... It would turn into ice before it hit the ground.... Really, it's true!!!)

    The times when I forgot to plug it in (block heater), the Pilot did have a hard time starting, but it never produced a cluncking sound... I say best thing to do is bring it into your dealership...

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    it's only around 0 degrees C here in Toronto and last weekend one 1 particular startup the Pilot really sounded weird. it made a loud clunk and then for the first 2 seconds or so it just sounded like it was goina die but it did'nt do that again since and ti's been colder this week. i just do'nt get it but the thing about Honda is it can clunk and crack but it'll still start and drive forever. lol


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