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Thread: 2012 CR-V air filter?

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    Default 2012 CR-V air filter?

    I looked in my owner manual, and while it does mention the cabin air filter, there is no mention at all of the engine air filter.

    I found a Honda dealer site that showed a list of maintenance minder sub-codes including one for the air filter, and another site that gives breakdown of scheduled maint items. Air filter isn't mentioned until 30,000 miles, which seems like a really long interval.

    NAPA lists a Platinum oil filter and a cabin air filter, but no engine air filter. So what's the deal? Is it a dealer only service item?

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    i went in to get a oil changed yesterday and they mentioned if i wanted to get my tires balanced and rotated, transmission oil changed, and air filter changed. The quote that i got for balanced and rotate tires was 40.00. Transmission 130.00 and air filter 130.00

    i would suggest that you get buy your own air filter from dealership (30.00) or your local auto store and change it your self.

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    You supply the parts and I'll be more than happy to video the change. and pay me 10% of the money saved not much to ask for. Now where's my pal with his Crv.
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    I pulled mine out to see, just a standard paper element air filter. I did find some info, don't remember now if it was online or in the manual, that said the maintenance minder would say to change it at 30k. I just don't see me going that far. Maybe 15k.

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    Default Transmission oil

    How many miles do you have on the V when the dealer was asking you to do the transmission oil?
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    I would invest in a K&N air filter. It has a better flow-rate and lasts up to 100,000 miles. You will need to maintain the filter by cleaning and oiling yourself.
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    The problem with K&N air filters is that while they do have better flow-rates, they do it at the cost of allowing more particulate matter (dust & dirt) through their filter material.

    I'll stick with the Honda air filters.

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    Yeah, I've never drunk the K&N koolaid myself. Good way to ruin an engine.

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    K&N = illicit drugs.

    Gives you a buzz then wrecks your engine.
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