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Thread: How to remove 02 CRV headlight assembly to clean the inside?

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    Default How to remove 02 CRV headlight assembly to clean the inside?

    Hey guys, my passenger side headlight has had some condensation building up inside for a while now so I am planning on taking it out and cleaning it. My first question is what would be the best way to to unbolt it from the car and my second one is what kind of sealant should I use to seal the headlight back after I take it apart? Thanks

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    best way is remove the bumper and getto the bolts, screws. videos or write up is a fog light install
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    Best to search it. LOTS of hard work has already been done for you, with parts diagrams, photos, and step by step R&R, even how to seal your leak.

    'headlight' or 'headlights'

    Keep in mind the inside of the headlight is all primary surface mirror, so be very careful what you use to 'clean' it. You'll probably find that answer in your results as well.

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