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Thread: 2003 Honda Pilot SRS light

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    Default 2003 Honda Pilot SRS light

    My pilot SRS light stay lit all the time. I tried resetting it using the 2-wires shorting method (I found on the web) but it won't go off. I searched the web and found the problem maybe the OPDS Control Unit/OPDS Sensor. How can I find out if this is the bad component? Is there something I can try? How can I reset it? If it turns out to be a bad OPDS Control Unit/OPDS Sensor, is it easy and safe to fix it myself?

    Thank you in advance.

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    A lot of times, it's a bad sensor in one of the front seat belts. There is a lifetime warranty on seat belts, so it might be worth taking it to the dealer for them to have a look.
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    You'll need the dealer's HDS test unit to read the codes from the SRS computer, so go ahead and schedule a visit.

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    Page 8 of the PDI sheets for the '03 PILOT is very interesting, but I don't know if any of the smaller connectors mentioned will help our friend do 'blink codes'.

    The PDI sheets are 'must-read' material for any owner.

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    I finally fixed the SRS light issue. It took me a while with many tries and searches on the net for the solution. It's been 2 days and the SRS is still off. Thanks for all the help!

    (note: these instructions are cut/paste from the net)

    Here's how I resolved it in case someone else runs into the some problem.

    1) Reset my Maintenance light. It was flashing 10 times each time I start my car. I tried step #2 - Reset SRS light a few times w/o doing this step 1st and the SRS light wouldn't reset. This step may not be necessary.

    a) Turn the key to the II position
    b) Turn the key to the off position, and push and hold in the odometer reset button
    c) Turn the key back to the II position, while still holding the reset button.
    d) After about 10-15 seconds, the light should go off.

    2) Reset SRS light

    a) You need to find the MES Connector. On my car it was plugged into the side of the fuse box. It was yellow in color and was a 2 prong connector. The insulating material around the wires of the connector was also yellow. Wherever your connector is located, it is plugged into a "dummy harness." Hence, the prongs are not actually plugged into anything; the "dummy harness" just holds the MES Connector and prevents it from bouncing around.
    b) Clip one alligator clip to one of the prongs and the other alligator clip to the other prong. If you're using 2 strands of wire, you won't be clipping, but twisting or shoving the wire into the respective prongs.
    c) Hold the two ends of your wire together, so that they are now connected.
    d) Keeping the wires connected, turn the ignition on (Do NOT start your car).
    e) The SRS light comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes off. Quickly disconnect the two wires.
    f) The SRS light will come on again. Quickly reconnect your wires.
    g) The SRS light goes off. Disconnect your wire connection and leave the wires disconnected.
    h) If you did this correctly, the SRS will blink twice.
    i) Turn the ignition off and wait 10 seconds.
    j) Turn the ignition on, thus starting your car, and hopefully the SRS light will now be off.
    k) Turn your car off, assuming the above instructions worked and your SRS light is now off. If not, either retry the instructions and/or verify that nothing else is wrong.
    l) Remove your wires, do not cross them at all or let them touch. Replug the yellow/green connector back into the "dummy harness".
    m) If the SRS light comes back on (assuming you reset the SRS correctly and the light was off), then something is malfunctioning in the SRS Airbag System and you'll have to see a dealership or repair shop.

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    I had the same SRS light issue on my 2003 Pilot EX.
    I had performed the reset process and was trying to get the SRS to come back on, because I had reset it once before and my wife told me "it just came back on while driving around".
    I stopped the car and was about to get out to change seats from driver to passenger to see if I could make the light return and by chance, noticed that when I unbuckled the seat belt by pushing the release button, the seat belt warning light on the dash came on and then went out. This event was immediatly followed by the presence of the SRS light.
    When I arrived home, I sprayed some contact cleaner and then some WD 40 into the seat belt blade reciever. So far, no repeat of the SRS light!!
    Hope this helps some one stay out of the $tealers work area.

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