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Thread: Awd crv

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiedgod View Post
    I saw one with a "4WD" badge the other day and thought that the owner stuck it on there. If Honda is putting "4WD" badges on "AWD" vehicles, they are just asking for some lawyer to sue them for deceptive advertizing and make millions.

    I can't believe someone at Honda is actually willing to risk millions, like that.
    We've had the debate/discussion of what 4WD vs AWD vs RT4WD actually means.

    I don't think there is a legal definition of "4WD" so there's really not an issue.

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    Dealers are more than willing to put all kinds of extra stickers and badges on a vehicle, if they think it will help them sell it. It comes down to, "If we spend $2 for a stupid extra sticker, will it catch John Doe's eye and maybe make him buy it?"
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    AFAIK, Honda has never made an AWD CR-V.
    however, they have made 4WD and FWD CR-Vs.

    AWD generally means all the wheels are driven all the time.
    4WD includes the systems that provide part time drive to 4 wheels.

    unless, you really don't care and just call them whatever you want.
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    Take another look and see if the badge looks like this one. That's kind of a stylized "4" but it's 4WD. For the 2010 model, Honda added the badge and dropped the sticker that was in the window. The sticker also says 4WD, but it's even more stylized and looks very much like AWD.

    If one should happen to want to "update" their plain old Gen3 to look more like a Gen3.5, a nifty 4WD badge can be had for $20...

    FYI...neither the 2WD LX or 2WD EX models have the 4WD badge, since they're 2WD. While I was checking on the Canadian CRVs I noticed the "build your own CRV" page shows the badge appearing and disappearing according to the model.

    Now you see it...

    Now you don't...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkydave View Post
    I think the 2010 models started using the badges instead of the stickers. I've seen a couple of brand new ones with dealer tags that had the badges. A few, like mine, have neither .

    Same here, but we got a "Sport" badge below the CRV badge because we got the dealer's 'sport package'. We've been told when we took delivery it would probably be the only 2WD 'sport' CRV ever

    I don't mind as it is a real badge not a sticker. We had asked no dealer stickers at all when we signed the contract.

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    Man, I looked at that sticker on the back window, and I thought for sure it looked like AWD. Guess I need to change my signature.

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    So is RT4wd worth the extra money it costs? I did pay for the 4wd but now that I understand more how it works, I am wondering if it was worth the extra G's.

    OK so it does use less gas then a true AWD vehicle and uses less on tires and it does enable 4WD when the front tires spin at different speeds then the back tiers, but is it worth it?

    I live in Canada and since we have crazy winters (usually, not last year hardly got any snow) I decided on getting the 4WD. The question is if it will never go on was it worth the money? Then again, I will never know as they say the driver can not feel it activating on and off.

    Whats your opinion on Honda's 4WD? I think it was an extra $3K.


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    Most come with RT4WD already and I believe you answered your own question concerning the weather. Very few vehicles will out perform the CR-V in bad weather as long as they are properly equipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudejb View Post
    I live in Canada and since we have crazy winters (usually, not last year hardly got any snow) I decided on getting the 4WD. The question is if it will never go on was it worth the money?
    As long as you have decent/good all seasons the CRV performs very well in snow and icy conditions. Once you drive in a few snow storms you will / should appreciate the 4wd ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by norsepanda View Post

    AWD generally means all the wheels are driven all the time.
    4WD includes the systems that provide part time drive to 4 wheels.

    If that's the case ,then msot of the CR-V competitors have misleading advertising. Nearly all 4WD or AWD sytem on modern vehciles could be considered part time. Very few have all 4 wheels driven all the time. Most use various electronic systems to actuate the mechanism that transfers power to the other wheels.

    I think the terms are mostly irrelevant. Legally, I the only thing that likely matters is that with a vehcile claiming to have AWD or 4WD, it must be possible for the system to transfer power at some point to all 4 wheels within the operating limits of the vehicle and within it's intended use. The specific conditons under which that occurs and the design of the system or mechanism doesn't really matter.

    In all reality, too big of a deal is made of what term is used. The imporart element is the advantages and disadvantages and performance of each typo of system.

    Whether a vehcile has AWD or 4WD, tells you as much about the system as knowing that a vehcile has a 4 or 6 cylinder engine without even knowing it's displacement, dimensions, configuration valve train, or induction system... .and even then, there's a whole lot of unknowns. Evne just knowign hte pwoer output of an engine doesn;t mean a whole lot unless you know thte torque curve, what typeo fo trnamission it has, the gear ratios, and the weight of the vehicle. For example, the 166HP '09 CR-V matches the performance of the 2010 190HP Chevy Equinox because despite it's 6 speed automatic and HP advantage, it weighs almost 400lbs more and is a "peakier" engine.
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