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Thread: Review Your 2010 CRV for Parents Magazine

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    Default Review Your 2010 CRV for Parents Magazine

    I'm an editor for Parents magazine, looking for an owner of a 2010 CRV to quote in an upcoming story. We need someone with one or more young kids to tell us how the CRV functions as a family car. If you're interested email me at Thanks!

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    not sure if you got any replies, but coming from an owner of a 2007 CR-V (2010 is essentially a slightly more powerful, not as good looking 2007), it functions well as a family car.

    I have a 2 year old using a recaro signo seat facing forward behind the passenger side, and a 5 month old in a Chicco keyfit facing backward behind the driver.

    Both seats can be in comfortable positions with the kids in the back, plenty of room for a double wide (City classic jogging) stroller.

    leather is a huge plus for cleaning up spills, and with both kids in the outboard latch positions, you can still fit a small individual in the middle.

    not quite as roomy as say a full size suv or mini van, but more than enough for a growing family of 4 plus all of their stuff.
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    We just bought our 2010 on July 17th, there is really not much story to tell yet as it still 60 miles on the odo. So far, we have no complaint, the CRV is a versatile vehicle, easy to park (as we have the Nav rear camera and parking sensor) and its not a huge vehicle to begin with. The 4 WD is a nice feature as its only activate when the slippage detected (which means its running 2WD most of the time, until needed (save gas). The 4WD may not be an option to pick for everyone, in our state we have snow and rain, just in case I really need to go out on a bad weather, which may happen someday.
    The new rims is easier to clean (less spoke on the rims). And the USB & Bluetooth is more useful than I previously thought (it charge iphones and can play music from it, I havent tested if I can play video on the Navi display yet). Aside from that the EX-L Navi also comes with 2 magazines 6slots (which is nice, I dont have to buy an extra ones) so you can swap your CDs collection 6 at a time.

    As a family car, the CRV should meet most expectation whether you are utilitarian (LX or EX), or gadget goer (like me.. which I recommend the EX-L).
    It fits Peg-perego car seat or Maxi cozi just fine on the rear seat (I didn't test the Graco ones), the rear double deck feature is also useful, we stow the stroller on the back. I agree with previous post about the leather is easier to clean up than cloth (we have Lionheart trays the spill catch, and Honda all season weather mat) (depending of what your child spills too, of course). Also the Lionheart tray lined between the leather and the car seat (so it avoid the leather indentation), which I am sure you can use a beach towel too and a plastic. Honda also sells rear seat cover, which we didnt get (so I have no idea how well it work). Since mom also sit in the back anyway, I have not had a single food fight in a car

    The seat can be fold for extra cargo space, so far running errand to home improvement store, for example. I can fit many things, for dirty stuff like srub and plants about 2 feet tall no problem. For hauling plywood, I had to ask the store to cut it to my spec size, as the whole sheet wouldn't fit in the car (and I am not ready to get the interior scratched up too), you can attached a class 2 garden trailer for transporting taller/bigger stuff (an 8 foot tall arborvitae for example) or those cut up plywood (as my garden trailer is not long enough).
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