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Thread: How do I disable (or set to valet mode) my factory alarm?

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    Default How do I disable (or set to valet mode) my factory alarm?

    I have a 2000 CRV with factory installed alarm system. My wife's remote has bitten the dust and rather than search for a new fob, I'd like her to be able to just open the door with the key without the alarm going off. How do I do this?

    I read the instruction manual that describes putting the car into valet mode but I must be doing something wrong. I disarmed the alarm using my remote, then held the valet switch for 3 seconds. However, when I then unlock the door using the key, the alarm still goes off.

    A few questions - the book says that I should see one blinking light when I hold the valet switch for 3 seconds. Where is this light as it's not on the button? Also, should I have the key in the ignition when I'm doing this?


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    it all depends on the installer really. When I do it, there is a extra botton added in and a led light. You put the key in, turn it to ignition, dont start it, turn it off, pull out key, and hit the botton once. Led goes solid, and it's in valet. Or pull the brain out

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