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Thread: 6-Disc CD Changer stopped working CRV 2002 EX

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    Default 6-Disc CD Changer stopped working CRV 2002 EX


    My 6-Disc Stock CD CHanger stopped working. At first, it said Error...I disconnected the battery and now whne I press CD button - nothing happens. CD palyer is not even acknowledged.. The rest works - radio/tape player. Ive held down the eject button, tried all other things.

    My 6 CDS are now stuck in there. Any ideas how to fix it? Is it broken? If so, what do you recommend doing - replacing the entire radio with something else? Or fixing just the CD player? Is this a dealership repair or should I bring it to a private radio place. I never go back to the dealership for anything as they charge too much..

    Thanks in advanced for any advise.

    Update - After searching old threads -seems like there is no fix apart from pulling battery/fuse which I both did. I think Ill explore installing a new aftermarket one - with a DVD player so kids can watch from back. Let me know if you have any recommendations on a cheap one..
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    when removed battery the system has to be reset with the security code?

    If attempting to do yourself take your time. bringing to a dealer of installations, or dealer good luck. the radio will be shipped out att he dealer

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    I have the EX radio out of the 2002, if you need a replacement. And I won;t charge you $600 like the dealer. Anyway, if the cd's are stuck, take the radio out of it's housing. You have to remove the black trim by pulling 2 screws out from UNDERNEAT Hthe black trim. You'll find em (just 2). Then pull out o nthe blakc trim. You'll see 4 screws holding the radio in. Take them all out, then pull the radio forward. BE VERY CAREFUL not to scratch your dash, then reach back, push down on the wire harnes release, and pull the radio away from the car. Set your radio on a bench or desk or something. There are some screws holding the shield on around the outside. Once you've got the exterior metal off, you should be able to see your jam and remove it, and can also see your cd's. A few more screws and you can have the revolver out and have your cd's back.

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