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Thread: Engine Oil Capacity

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    Default Engine Oil Capacity

    I have a 2007 CRV 2.4 liter engine. Did an oil change tonight for the first time. The owner's manual states to use 4.4 US quarts including filter. Put in 4.4 quarts but the oil barely registers on dipstick. Is there a typo in the owner's manual? It seems that almost 6 quarts drained into the pan. Would appreciate a quick answer if anyone knows.


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    EDIT: I stand corrected, the 4.4 qts is supposed to include the filter.

    Although it also says:

    7. Replace the engine oil fill cap.
    Start the engine. The oil pressure
    indicator should go out within 5
    seconds. If it does not, turn off the
    engine, and check your work.

    8. Let the engine run for several
    minutes, then check the drain bolt
    and oil filter for leaks.

    9. Turn off the engine and let it sit
    for several minutes, then check
    the oil level on the dipstick. If
    necessary, add more oil.
    So after running the engine for several minutes, turn the engine off, let it sit several more minutes and check the oil level, adding more oil if needed.

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    I had the same problem. Do a search on the title "oil capacity" for more details. It took me 5 quarts to get the level up to normal.

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    03 Manual says 4.2qts change
    4.4 change with filter
    5.6 total

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    if you let it sit for long enough, you can get almost all of it to drain out.

    you might want to double check your oil level now though, because you might be overfilled
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    Thanks added another quart everything is ok.

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