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Thread: Door lock problems

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    Default Door lock problems

    Anyone know why the keys to manually unlock the doors
    stop working - they go in the keyhole but will not turn to unlock/lock the
    door - started on the driver side - now the passenger side is getting
    finicky - preety soon i will be going thru the tailgate.
    I undrstand their is a service bulletin on this on some Honda's - anyone
    know if it applies to the element and perhaps have a copy of the bulletin??

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    Without knowing much details, the simplest thing to get the tumblers working properly is to get a tiny blue aerosol can of LockEase and stick the tiny nozzle way inside all five of your locks and spray them, then 'massage' them with the key to rinse the graphite lube in and flush the crud and salt out. Wipe with a tissue, it works great but it's messy stuff.

    Every time I buy a used vehicle I do that and it never fails to make everything (even the glove box lock) work like brand new again.

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    I posted the TSB info in one of the other threads...

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    There is an issue with the door lock tumblers actually wearing out. I managed to get mine replaced at the dealer for nothing, but I had to push a bit, especially to get them to key the new tumblers to the existing keys so that I didn't have 2 separate keys. There is another post in here with DIY info but it's a pretty tricky thing to do if you're not a lock person.

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