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    Default Outside Temperature Sensor

    Hello everyone. I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and now my crv07 is one year old. During winter the temperature readings are excellent in the sense that i keep my v in basement parking where the temperature remains 25-35 C during whole year. During winter when i used to come out of the basement to the road whwere temperature drops to 1-10 C, my V gradually perhaps within 5-10 minutes of usual drive reaches to the exact outside tempration irrespective of the my v's speed, whether I'm on 10km/h or 50km/h.

    However, during hot weather where the outside temperature reaches 50C during summer, my V never tells me the correct outside temperature, due to the reason that i need to drive 30km/h for atleast 90 seconds for 1 degree raise and then i have to drive again above 30km/h speed to bring the reading to the correct outside tempertaure.

    I read all this temperature sensor information somewhere in this forum.

    Now, in my case when i go outside is usually to pick my daughter from school or to but grocery, etc at 1-2PM (max hot temperature) and every 30sec or 1 minute there is traffic signal, or traffic is so jam that i do not get chance to drive 90sec continuously at 30km/h speed. This is normal in every big city.

    So my question is that what to do, how can i get exact outside temeprature without this 30km/h speed limit condition. Is it not a wrong mechanism by Honda?


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    Default Outside Temperature Sensor


    If you read your manual about this, it states you may have to drive quite awhile before it reads correctly for it is mounted under the front bumper so many things can change its readings. It also says that you may have to drive for several minutes at 30k to get the reading to be correct. The manual also tells you how to change the settings on it = or - 3 degrees Celcius, so it is settable somewhat to make it read the proper temperature.

    Read your manual under Temperature Outside, and you will undertand this much better.


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    If your car had been parked outside in the blazing sun, you'd have the same problem, but it would take forever for the sensor to cool down, not warm up. I'd like a sensor when the temperature is hovering around ZERO C, so I would know when the rain / sleet is going to freeze, especially on a long highway trip.

    My present Honda has only one way of determining the outside temp. I stick my hand outside and I can tell if it's damned hot or damned cold.

    I guess you could call it a 'design fault' but [b]everybody['b] would say that if they had mounted the sensor on the surface of the bumper, where it would be in direct sunlight and wrong at any speed, and also subject to physical damage and vandalism....

    You live in an exceptional place. They can't please everybody.

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    the question is if i move from hot temp to cold temp then whatever the speed is, it does not matter and finally within 5-10 minutses i get right temp but if I move from low temp to high temp then one need to be at 30k constantly which is not possible inside city during school timings and rush hours. so you nver get right temp even if you drive whole day inside city. That is why is ay tehre should be some fix to this by someone or directly by honda.

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    From the March 2007, Honda Service News, which goes to Honda Dealers service departments.

    Outside Temperature Indicator Logic Explained

    The A/C, the solar blocking glass, and the heater do
    such a good job keeping the temperature of the
    passenger’s compartment at a comfortable level that
    it’s easy to lose track of just how hot or cold it really is
    outside. An outside temperature indicator in the
    gauge assembly gives you a reality check. But keep
    in mind, this indicator isn’t a laboratory-grade
    thermometer, and it might not show the same
    temperature as you’d see on signs or buildings with
    outside temp displays.
    The outside air temperature sensor is mounted
    behind the middle of the front bumper. The gauge
    control module uses measurements from that sensor
    to display the outside air temperature.
    Because of where the sensor is mounted, it may be
    affected by heat coming off the road, the engine, the
    radiator, or even the exhaust pipes from other
    vehicles. To minimize bogus readings, the gauge
    control module follows a certain logic. Here’s how
    that logic works:
    When you turn the ignition switch to ON (II). . .
    • If the engine coolant temperature is 139°F or
    lower, the indicator shows the current outside air
    • If the engine coolant temperature is 140°F or
    higher, the indicator shows the temperature that
    was stored in memory when you turned the
    ignition switch to LOCK (0), no matter what the
    sensor behind the bumper currently measures.
    The indicator doesn’t refresh until certain criteria are
    • If the measured outside air temperature is more
    than the indicated temperature, the indicated
    temperature rises 1°F every minute once the
    vehicle reaches and maintains a speed of
    19 mph or faster for at least 30 seconds. As
    long as the vehicle speed doesn’t drop below
    that, the indicator refreshes every 60 seconds
    until the two temperatures match. If the vehicle
    speed drops below 19 mph, the indicator doesn’t
    start to refresh again until the vehicle speed
    climbs to
    19 mph or faster for more than 90 seconds.
    • If the measured outside air temperature is less
    than the indicated temperature, the indicated
    temperature drops 1°F every 2 seconds until the
    two temperatures match, no matter what the
    vehicle speed is.
    So here’s the bottom line: The outside temperature
    indicator seldom delivers readings in real time
    because of the many heat sources that could skew
    the indication.

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