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Thread: 6 Disc CD Changer problems

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    Default 6 Disc CD Changer problems

    I just bought a 2004 CRV EX in March of 2004. A couple of weeks later, with 6 discs loaded, the changer just died on me. I went to switch from one disc to another when the changer made some awful noises. The display showed CD Err!!. I took it to the dealership and they said it needed to be replaced. So on Friday I had a new one installed. Three days later, I had two disc in my new cd changer and went to put in a 3rd. When switching to the third disc I heard the same awful noise as before. I got the same CD Err message again. Looks like I'm taking it back to the dealership tomorrow. Has this happend to anyone else with the 6 disc changer? Has anyone had problems with CD-R in their CD changer? I mostly use CD-R and was wondering if this could be causing the problem.

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    I had a 2001 Accord w/ the 6 disc unit and never had any trouble, and my 2003 CRV has the 6 disc unit, and to date (1 year) no trouble. I also burn my own CDs and use them in it, so..................

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    Others have had BIG trouble because of the labels flying looseespecially in the six-disk in-dash version.

    Dealer was nice in one instance, but it's clearly NOT COVERED by warranty, so it's a crap shoot whether the dealer is having a good day, or wants to play hardball, and make you pay for the whole thing.
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    Never had any problem with mine, however, I don't have any CDs with detatchable labels either...
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    never had a problem with or without a label. if you are getting a new unit request the serial number so you know that it is not the same unit that is giving you the trouble you might think Honda replaced the unit with a new one but it is the same shipped to a local store for repaires
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    I took the CRV back to the dealership today. They are going to order a new cd changer and they told me it would be covered under the warrenty. They also pointed out to me where it said in the owners manual to only use "high quality CD-R" type cds in your changer. I asked them to define "high quality" and they really didn't have a response. All he said was that you should stick to CD-Rs that are meant for music only, not the ones that can be used for music and/or data. The dealership suggested that I use only commercial CDs when I get my new unit installed. IMO, since CD-R sales are higher than commercial CDs these days, the CD changers should be made to accommodate them.
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    My wife's 2004 ex cr-v just developed the same problem yesterday. It has six cd's inside the player and all it does is make a bad sound and I can't even eject the cd's from inside it. I stopped by the Honda dealer today which didn't offer much advise other than to get it looked at.

    As a chance to see if I could reset the cd player, I disconnected the battery to try and see if the system would reset itself. No such luck.

    I know that inside the unit it sounds like the loading mechanism is stuck.

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    I have seen some of the China/Taiwan made CD-R's warp from just heat. I try to buy quality CD's and DVDs from Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, or Ridata. When buying blanks check where they are made. you should see me at Best Buy going through a stack of CD-rs or DVD-R's looking for a spindle made in Japan. TDK and Fuji with "Made in Japan" are usually Taiyo Yuden.

    I would stay away from the stuff that is usually free after rebate.


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