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Thread: Grinding Noise When Making Sharp Turns

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    Default Grinding Noise When Making Sharp Turns

    I have a 1999 Honda CR-V. When I make sharp turns, either left or right, I hear a grinding noise around the front tires. It happens only when I am moving. I have 140,000 miles on my car. I have new tires and breaks. The problem started around 100,000 miles and has been getting progressively worse. I suspect it is the CV joints. Can they be lubricated? Any thoughts?

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    when was the last time you changed your rear diff fluid?
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    Default you hear the noise on both sides of the Crv, if it is the cv joints they make a clicking sound, make sure they are coming from the front, if it's coming from the back then you are due for changing the diff. oil thats the rear diff. that makes a grinding sound when turning left or right...when was the last time you had the diff. oil changed?.....also if it is the CV joints there is notting you can do but change them,the noise started at 100000miles and you added 40000 more they will just get worse.......there are preventive methods you can do when you install the new ones, like changing the boot rubber when it's bursts and applying fresh grease,after going through water, i apply fresh grease at about 30000km.

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    so it sounds like you bought this car at 100k and sure s hell you need to locate the maitnenace section here.

    you're over due for that Duel Pump stuff
    I cannot imagine this car went w/o a fluid change
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