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Thread: CRV leak drivers side under carpet

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    Default CRV leak drivers side under carpet

    I worked most of the day trying to figure out where the water comes from.It looks like it runs down far left corner below the rear washer hose hole in firewall.I siliconed the seams inside the engine compartment close to this hose.Any help would be great thanks.Hard to see in this corner because of all the wires...but it was rainning and never drove car or had air on so it has to be a leak somewhere.Might have to pay a dealer to fix this huh.Rick

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    Do a search my friend
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    Default leaks on driver side

    I did a search but only got cowell seal and passenger side leaks.....this is different i think.Rick

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    I think i found the leak today,,,i took the cowell off...broke the plastic fasteners,anyone know how much those are?....anyway there is a little flap for water to go through and its held in by those plasitc fasteners but the holes go into cabin and im pretty sure the water was going in there.I siliconed the heck out it and everything around there to for that matter i thought i would let you guys know what i found out today.I hope i got it didnt see anywhere else water could get in the cabin.Rick

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    local hardware under 5.00 or just take one off another location if the same size better yet walk in to thedealer grab one of the last of the good looking V's
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    Do you have a sun/moon roof? My brother's Accord had a similar water leak and it was coming from the drain hose from around the edge of the moon roof. Seems this gets routed somewhere down thru the roof pillar and thru firewall near the drivers feet. The leak (in his case) was actually this hose. It's worth a try.
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    Well it rained today and still got my leak,,,darn it,,lol....still cant tell where its from dealer wants 100 just to find it wow,,,got any ideas i dont have sun roof so not there.Guess keep looking for it. Rick

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    Have you ruled out the front windshield seal?
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    I had this exact problem. The wiper caul leak shows up on the passenger side. I had that too....

    On the driver side, I'm betting that you have a moon roof. There are drain hoses at each of the 4 corners of the moon roof track which run under the headliner and to the outside of the car. This is to drain away the water which *will* leak through the moon roof seal.

    The hose which drains the front driver side corner runs under the headliner, over to the front pillar (that piece between the windshield and the driver side door opening), down, staying behind trim and carpet and finally out through a little hole to where the water goes outside. In my case a mechanic who had done some work under the dash had pulled that hose out of position so it was draining under the driver floorboard carpet.

    You can verify this by opening the moon roof and carefully pouring some water into the "rain gutter" near the front driver side of the opening. You should see it drain into that little hole and a few seconds later, water should drip out from near the front driver side wheel well. I'm betting instead your feet will get wet which means you need to get that hose back in position.

    Hope this helps anyone else who may hit this thread.
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    resurrecting this thread. i have the same problem. I can see water drops just under the plastic portion of the dashboard near the driver side door when i parked my V outside under heavy raining. any suggestion will be highly appreciated....


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