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Thread: Emergency brake adjustment?

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    Default Emergency brake adjustment?

    2003 CRV, with auto. How do I adjust the emergency brake? I could not find how to in the owners manual, and looking under the car could not find any adjusters. Is the adjuster behind the dash?

    The lever seems take to many "clicks" before setting the emergency brake.


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    Default here ya go

    1. working inside the vehicle, pull the driver's side seat all the way forward and pull back carpet under the seat
    2. remove fasteners securing the parking brake equalizer cover, then remove the cover
    3. with the parking brake lever fully released, remove the return spring from the parking brake equalizer
    4. block the front wheels, raise the rear of the vehicle and support it securly on jackstands. apply the parking brake until you hear one click
    5. tighten the adjusting nut on the equalizer while rotating the rear wheels. stop turning the nut when the brakes start to drag on the rear wheels
    6. release the parking brake lever and check to see that the brrakes don't drag when the rear rear wheels are turned. the travel on the parking brake lever should be as listed in specs after proper adjustment.
    lower and re-install

    parking brake equalizer is the assembly in the floor that looks like 2 cables attached to a single bracket which, in its turn, is attached to single cable attached to parking brake lever cable. adjusting nut is the nut on the single stud in the middle, between the 2 cables.
    specs for lever is 5 to 9 clicks. kind of vast difference, but that's what they say.
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    What is wrong with just removing the rear wheels and adjusting the shoes through the hole in the disc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashBastd
    What is wrong with just removing the rear wheels and adjusting the shoes through the hole in the disc?
    2 different things. His brakes work but the parking brake handle does not engage them. By adjusting the cable for the parking brake, you can account for cable stretching, etc. and allow the parking brake to engage firmly.
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    I posted pics from my manual in a previous thread...

    Hope that helps.
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