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    Default Pilot: Pros and Cons

    Could someone give me a list of pros and cons of the Pilot?

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    Pro: Room in the back for the Mother in law.

    Con: Room in the back for the Mother in law.

    Pro: Runs on regular gas.

    Con: Uses a lot of regular gas.

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    Sorry alittle bitter here.. lost my CR-v in a divorce and got stuck with the pilot.
    I know, pilot cost 15K more but......
    Ok pros.
    Smooth ride,EXL- Nav - Nice feature, nicer heated seats, more room, has all the creature comforts... Towing within the 4500 lbs is definitely nice... do not even feel the trailer behind it.

    Cons over crv
    Handles like a overgrown old station wagon, non reponsive...... sucks in the gas... window sticker says 17mpg I get 15 city. perhaps better tires will help, but before I invest... gonna do home work and just sell it if I can not get it to handle better on the road..
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    We have both a CRV and a Pilot.

    CRV Pros, (Pilot cons):
    -smaller, easier to park
    -better on gas
    -less expensive purchase
    -more rear legroom
    -less expensive tires
    -fullsize spare
    -insurance is cheaper
    -better off road, (smaller, lighter, shorter wheelbase)
    -more covered cargo area, (under the picnic table)
    -easier to change the cabin filter
    -easier to change the tranny fluid
    -split tailgate/rear window

    Pilot Pros, (CRV cons):
    -more front seat legroom
    -seats 8, (significantly wider and a little longer)
    -rides better
    -more power
    -tows more
    -more cargo room
    -rear heat/AC
    -rear diff lock
    -easier to change the oil filter

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    Do what we did, get one of each!

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    Lol, I'm looking for a less costly solution. I think my parents will get it anyway. They are the ones that wanted to know.


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