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Thread: How do you remove and install center caps on the CR-V?

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    Default How do you remove and install center caps on the CR-V?

    I asked this question yesterday because I don't know how to get my old center caps off (I'm told it's easy, but the only thing that's easy for me about my CR-V is turning on the radio).

    I hope someone will be able to explain to me clearly the steps involved (for the center caps, not the radio).

    When I posted this question yestrday, the discussion almost instantly switched to the pros and cons of rotating all five tires. That's not my worry right now, but now I know that it will be a whole new worry that I hadn't even thought about, when the time comes. Great.

    For now: Center caps installation...please?


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    Racoon answered your question yesterday.
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    Default Re: How do you remove and install center caps on the CR-V?

    Quote Originally Posted by mtscheekar
    For now: Center caps installation...please?
    I'll answer this again, since you may have missed my other post:

    1. dismount the wheel (loosen the lug nuts, jack the car up, remove the lug nuts, pull the wheel off)
    2. pop the center cap out by pushing on it from the back side.

    At that point you can either remount the wheel and then pop the new center cap on, or put the center cap on and then remount the wheel.

    The key is that you need to pull the wheel off to get the old center cap off.

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    Thanks, Racoon! Clear, helpful answer. Now I know! Mike

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    which year b/c one has an E-Clip the other just tabs?
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