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Thread: Musty odor when AC is on

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    Default Musty odor when AC is on

    Hi I own a 2000 pre owned CRV. Every time I turn on the AC, there is a musty odour. I read that this is caused by bacteria in the evaporator. How do I remove the bacteria?

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    I'd start with checking the A/C filter. It might never have been changed. Here's a link to some instructions about how to change it:

    97-01 Honda CR-V A/C filter change

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    Try spraying some Wynn's AC deodorizer into the intake vents behind the hood.

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    Run the a/c with the air recirculate button off as much as possible if not doing so already.
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    I have asked the service dept about this at my Honda dealer and they told me that the problem is when the system is on in a hot day it creates condensation. This condensation can build up in the vents and when the air is not moving (aka car is off) it can mold and cause a mildew smell. To make this not happen they told me to always leave the car on outside air when I am leaving it parked for more than a few hours. This allows a vent to open and the air to evaporate to the outside instead of being stuck in the vent. They also told me to give the vent a few seconds to open before turning the power to the system off, I have been doing this for about a month and have not smelled anything since.

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    I get the bad foot odor smell not when turning the air on but after I turn the AC off and keeping the air fan on with the vents open. I tried the a lot of things, but I gave up because my wife won't cooperate. It her car anyway.
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