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Thread: 1998 CRV Valve Clearance

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    Default 1998 CRV Valve Clearance

    Can someone please tell me what the inlet and exhaust valve clearances should be set at.
    Many Thanks
    Jason U.K member

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    Default Re Valve Clearances

    Hi Jason,

    Welcome to the UK memberís team - Valve clearances (engine cold) Inlet 0.003 to 0.005 inch and exhaust 0.007 to 0.008 inch.

    Happy CR-Ving

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    Welcome, Jason . . . before doing the adjustment, it's a good idea to read the recent posts on valves. Use the 'search' function (top of this page). The sticker is inside the hood (bonnet), and you'll probably want to set them on the loose side. You'll understand if you read the other posts.
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